Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I begin?

Alpine Remediation can handle all aspects of your project.  Alpine Remediation can assist clients in developing sampling plans, creating injection designs, managing utility locates, completing UIC permits, and any other planning or design issue that our clients encounter.  Alpine Remediation loves challenges and interesting projects.

How soon can my project start?

Most states require a three day period for utility locations to occur.  Alpine Remediation is ready to start a project upon completion of the utility clearances.

Can you tell me what drilling conditions are in a specific area?

Yes.  Alpine Remediation has extensive nationwide experience and specializes in helping clients complete projects in the best and most efficient manner.

Do you do injection design?

Yes.  Alpine Remediation often develops injection designs for our projects.  We have experience designing injection plans for a host of different contaminants.

What about safety?

Alpine Remediation considers safety a top priority and has a robust internal safety program.  Our safety program has passed the review of many clients who hold safety at a high standard, and we can conform and meet the most demanding of safety standards.  Click here to learn more about our commitment to safety.