Alpine Remediation has many years of experience conducting vapor, soil, and water sampling.  Our experience allows us to efficiently take samples and keep our clients on or under budget.  Alpine Remediation also understands that not all sites can be sampled during conventional business hours due to heavy traffic or other constraints, and are willing to work unconventional hours to complete a project.  In addition, our state-of-the-art rigs easily access variable and difficult terrains.  Whatever the time constraints or terrain challenges, Alpine Remediation is ready to make client projects productive, efficient, and cost-effective.

Alpine Remediation uses a variety of direct push rigs, most with auger capabilities, in its environmental sampling.  The Geoprobe® 6600 is the rig of choice, combining power and self-sufficiency for most sampling projects.  For more difficult lithologies, Alpine features an AMS 9500 VTR track mounted rig, which is capable to of getting to depth in more difficult lithologies.  Alpine also uses a Geoprobe® 54LT rig for indoor and limited space sampling.  At just 34.5” wide and 87” long, the 54LT makes indoor maneuverability safe and easy.  Contact us to learn more about our sampling services.

In Situ Remediation

Alpine Remediation has extensive injection experience and has been very successful closing sites.  Our personnel are highly trained and experienced injecting a variety of products and know how to inject safely and successfully on client projects.  Often, Alpine Remediation will work weekends or nights to avoid high traffic periods or other time limitations to complete projects for our clients.

Alpine has experience with numerous of in situ applications with a variety of media including ORC®, HRC®, Fenton’s Reagent, microbes, permanganate, and iron.

Alpine specializes in the installation of Remediation Products Inc. (RPI)’s Trap and Treat ® product line, which remediate petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents quickly and effectively.  Unlike many other products, Trap and Treat ® contains absorbent materials that attract and trap contamination, causing groundwater contamination concentrations to plummet and allowing rapid, efficient remediation.  RPI’s products readily meet regulatory standards, are safe to install, remain active over long periods, treat all types of soil and groundwater conditions effectively, and reduce costs over time. [link to RPI-Group]  Contact us to learn more about our injection and in situ remediation services.